Paying your training provider

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There is a similar article for training providers.

We’ll pay your training provider the agreed cost of the apprenticeship, up to the funding band maximum. The training provider will get:

  • 80% of the cost in equal monthly payments throughout the apprenticeship
  • the final 20% when the apprentice completes their apprenticeship

Your training provider will receive apprenticeship service funds in equal monthly payments - the training schedule will not affect when payments are made or the payment amount.

Check your transactions

In the finance section of your apprenticeship service account, you can check:

  • committed spending
  • transaction history
  • funds that will expire

You can also download your financial information. Contact us if there is a problem with your transactions.

Forecast your apprenticeship funds

You can work out how much you can spend on apprenticeships over the next 4 years. You'll need to know your average monthly payroll.

This can help you manage payments and your budget.

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