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Issues with the apprenticeship service for employers

We’re aware of some issues within the apprenticeship service and are working to fix them. Whilst we fix these ‘known issues’, there are workarounds that you can try to overcome them.

Notification issues

Employers can experience any of these 3 notification issues.

  1. Receiving email and apprenticeship service account ‘requested changes’ notifications, for an apprentice record that’s already stopped. This could be for a specific apprentice or a cohort. 
  2. Receiving an apprenticeship service account ‘cohort requests ready for approval’ notification, when the cohort is already approved or there’s nothing to approve.
  3. Team members within their apprenticeship service account not receiving notification emails, even though they‘ve set up notification settings. 


Employer’s should ignore these incorrect notifications and view the available cohorts in their apprenticeship service account. Select ‘apprentices’ to view the correct cohorts for review.

Cannot change stop date

The employer cannot change an apprentice’s stop date.


Check if another team member in your apprenticeship service account can change the apprentice’s stop date. If nobody else can change the stop date, contact us.

Incorrect expired funds

Employers get unexpected expired funds or the funds are showing in an incorrect month in their apprenticeship service account. For example, funds that should expire in September are showing in October, or the value of the expired funds is wrong.


If you are experiencing any of these issues, contact us. We will need the:

  • employer’s details
  • screenshot of the incorrect expired funds
  • breakdown of what the expired funds should be

Duplicate apprentices

Employers and training providers get duplicate information in the ‘manage apprentices’ section of their apprenticeship service account. The information is inaccurate and not in order.


There is no workaround for this issue at the moment, we’re working to fix it. If you’re experiencing this issue, contact us. We will need the: 

  • employer’s details
  • screenshot of the duplicate information

Incorrect funding projections

Employers have inaccurate funding projections in the ‘finance’ section of their apprenticeship service account.

This shows inaccurate projected figures for future months and sometimes does not match levy declarations or current spending.


This issue does not affect actual payments or account balances. We’re working to fix this issue.

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