Book an end-point assessment

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Before an employer can book an end-point assessment, they must:

  • select an end-point assessment organisation from the register
  • negotiate the price of the end-point assessment with the organisation

When to book the assessment 

Employers must book the assessment at least 6 months in advance. This is to:

  • give the end-point assessment organisation and the apprentice enough time to prepare for the assessment
  • make sure you can get the assessment date you want

The apprentice must work for your organisation when they take their assessment, this includes any resits. You should make sure the apprentice has enough time to complete any retraining and resit the assessment.

Apprentices who are made redundant within six months of the final day of the practical period may continue their apprenticeship training without being employed under an apprenticeship agreement. 

Training providers

The employer must negotiate the price of the end-point assessment with the organisation. The training provider is responsible for entering the price in the individualised learner record (ILR).

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