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This tool estimates each employer’s funds using the apprenticeships in their apprenticeship service account. The funding amount will change if there are any changes to the number of apprentices or the cost and duration of their training.

Employers must only use the funding projection as an estimate. We update the projection when funds are paid into or out of your account.

What the funding projection shows

We include a 4 year estimate of the employer’s apprenticeship funds. You can download the account projection tables and apprenticeship details as a CSV file.

How we work out your funding projection

The estimate is calculated using the information. It does not include any apprentices that are stopped or paused, but it does include apprentices funded by a transfer. 

We work out your estimate using the information in the training provider’s individualised learner record (ILR) and the amount of levy the employer declared last month. This includes the English percentage and 10% government top-up. 

If you did not declare the levy you will have no ‘funds in’. It also includes any funds you received from a transfer.

We calculate the estimate balance using the:

  • current account balance
  • projection of levy funds into the account
  • projection of existing apprenticeship costs
  • future apprenticeships you add to the estimator

You can add more information to estimate what you can afford in the future.

The cost of training is the total amount for all apprentices who are in or completing their training during that month. This amount includes any completion and end-point assessment costs.

You can change the negotiated cost up to the funding band maximum. We will not work out any costs above the maximum, as the employer must pay them directly.

What we do not include

The estimate does not include apprentices:

  • without a payment against them (including apprentices that are unapproved or in their first month of training)
  • that are stopped or paused
  • who completed their apprenticeship early
  • who have not completed their apprenticeship by their planned end month (this is in the overdue completion payments balance)

Completion payments are paid the month after the training provider records that the apprentice has completed their apprenticeship. The overdue completion payments amount is a total for all incomplete apprenticeships.

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