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We’ve made improvements to the way you record a change of employer in your apprenticeship service account.  If an apprentice continues their apprenticeship training with a new employer their details will carry over to the new employer’s account (including their personal details and the apprenticeship framework or standard they are on). 

Follow these steps:

  1. The previous employer must ‘stop’ the apprenticeship and enter the apprentice’s last month of employment with them as their ‘end date’.
  2. The new employer needs to select ‘provider permissions’ and give the training provider permission to ‘create a cohort’. This will allow the training provider to move the apprentice.
  3. When the training provider has the right permission, they can move the apprentice in the ‘manage apprentices’ section of their account. The training provider will declare the month in which the apprentice moved to the new employer, the new training planned end month and the remaining costs of training and assessment.
  4. Once the training provider has created a ‘change of employer’ request, the new employer needs to approve it. They can access this in the ‘ready to review’ section within ‘your cohort requests’.

Employers that do not pay the apprenticeship levy, will not need to reserve funding when they approve a training providers request to ‘move’ an apprentice.

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