Incentive payment for hiring a new apprentice - check who is eligible

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Incentive payments for hiring a new apprentice are available for employers who hire new apprentices to their organisation.

You can only apply for this payment for new apprentices who start their contract of employment between 1 August 2020 and 31 March 2021. You’ll need to add the new apprentices to your apprenticeship service account before you apply. If they are new employees, you can apply for apprentices who:

  • work full or part-time
  • are on zero hours contracts
  • have been made redundant by a previous employer

You cannot apply for apprentices who already work for your organisation, even if they started upskilling as an apprentice after 1 August 2020.

Please note – you can apply for new apprentices hired from 1 February 2021 between 1 February 2021 and 30 April 2021.

What you’ll get

For apprentices aged:

  •  16 to 24, you’ll get £2,000
  • 25 or over, you’ll get £1,500

To get the full payment, the apprenticeship must last for at least one year. You’ll only get the payments after the apprentice completes 90 days and 365 days of their apprenticeship. Your payment will take longer if your apprentice takes a break in learning.

The payment is in addition to the existing £1,000 you’ll already get for taking on an apprentice who is:

  •  aged 16 to 18 years old
  • under 25 and has an education, health and care plan or has been in the care of their local authority

Support apprentices who have been made redundant

You could get the incentive payment when you hire an apprentice who’s been made redundant, as long as they’re new to your organisation.

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