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It is important that your data is submitted error-free, accurate, and complete.  Errors or incomplete returns can impact the payments your organisation receives.  The data for the 2020 to 2021 academic year cannot be updated or amended after R14 has closed at 6 pm on 21 October 2021.  

We recommend you submit your data as early as possible and that you check your validation and funding reports, available on Submit Learner Data.

If you leave your submission until the last minute you run the risk of not having made a submission by the deadline to guarantee payments.

If you need help you can call 08000 150 600 (Providers choose option 3, followed by option 2) and talk to an advisor.  Some issues may take some time to resolve and it may not be possible to clear those raised very close to the deadline, so we strongly recommend that you take prompt action to ensure your return is correct and complete.  

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