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As part of the Government’s continued commitment to improving the quality of apprenticeship training, some changes are being made to the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (the Register). 

We have strengthened our application process to ensure that only providers who are appropriately skilled, ready to deliver and financially stable, are listed on the Register. 

We want to ensure that over the next 12 months all providers have gone through this process to demonstrate they fit the new criteria.

To do this, we are running a phased reapplication route.  During this time, you will receive an invitation, via email, when it is your time to reapply.  This email will outline the steps you need to take and when you can complete them.

It is important that you do not attempt to complete the application process before you receive this invitation, or before the date set out in your email.  The system will not allow you to apply before this.  If you do try, you will receive an error message on the system.

If you have received the invitation email, and you are applying within the date range outlined, and are experiencing an error, please follow the instructions and contact us. 

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