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The Apply function allows end-point assessment organisations  to:

  •  apply for multiple versions at the same time by submitting one application
  • select which versions of the standard you wish to apply for
  • see if a new version is available
  • apply or opt in for a version

When completing a standard application for the first time

You will need to answer 37 questions as part of this application process. If the standard has multiple versions, you will be able to select which versions you would like to apply for.

To apply or opt in for a version

Log into the as normal. Once on the homepage you will need to select the Approved standards and link. From here you can also see if a new version is available by looking at the standards table where there will be an in-service notification saying NEW VERSION AVAILABLE. 

 When you select to apply for a version which has had an assessment change from the previous version, you will have to complete a smaller application process which is made up of 7 questions, which are a subset of the full application. If there assessment change for the new version, you can simply opt in and will be automatically approved.

If you would like more information about the versions

Within the overview page for the standard there is a link to the IFATE website. For more information click on this link and it will take you directly to the standard, there you will see a table informing you of the changes that have occurred for each version.

Opt into a new standard version

If you have already been approved for the previous version within the same assessment plan then you will be automatically approved once you select to opt in and will not be required to answer questions about your organisations assessment capabilities or capacity.

The Withdraw function allows end-point assessment organisations  to:

  •  be able to select to withdraw from a standard or a subset of its versions
  • specify that you want to withdraw from a version
  • see versions that are not available for withdrawal and the reasons why

 Withdrawing from a version

You can specify that you want to withdraw from a version when you create a new withdrawal request..  When you select to withdraw from a standard you will be presented with an option to withdraw from the entire standard or specify the individual versions you wish to withdraw from.

The withdrawal questions for the standard are the same when withdrawing from a version.

You may see some of your versions with a tag which says, “NOT AVAILABLE FOR WITHDRAWAL” this means that an application has been:

  • started and is in progress against that version, to prevent the ESFA receiving multiple withdrawal applications for the same standard version
  • submitted to the ESFA for review
  • approved by the ESFA and a date for withdrawing has been agreed
  • , the agreed withdrawal date has been reached and you are now withdrawn from the version

Creating a withdrawal request

You can create a withdrawal request for the standard when there are version withdrawal applications in progress.  When submitting a standard withdrawal request any previous version applications are deleted, meaning the standard withdrawal request is the only application you will have and supersedes the individual version withdrawal requests.

If you do make a mistake and applied to withdraw from the wrong standard or version, then please contact the apprenticeship service support team with details of the of the error.


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