Understanding an end-point assessment

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At the end of your apprenticeship you will have an end-point assessment. An end-point assessment is a thorough test to make sure you are working at or above the level of occupational competence needed to carry out your chosen occupation.

You cannot complete your apprenticeship without completing your end-point assessment. 

What your end-point assessment includes

An end-point assessment will be made up of at least two assessment methods, such as:

  • an observation of practice in the workplace
  • a professional discussion
  • written or practical tests
  • an exam
  • a project
  • a portfolio 

You can find out which assessment methods your apprenticeship standard will include by either:

Your end-point assessment will be done by an industry expert assessor, who will not have provided any of your training. Your training provider and your employer will work together to find your end-point assessor.

Please note that your apprenticeship standard may also require you to take other qualifications. You can find out if your apprenticeship standard requires this by talking to your training provider or by looking at the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education’s website.

Preparing for your end-point assessment

You should be introduced to the idea of your end-point assessment in the early stages of your apprenticeship by your training provider. You can prepare for your end-point assessment by:

  • identifying which evidence you’ll be able to use during your end-point assessment - your assessor will help you to choose what pieces of evidence you bring, such as documentation of course awards
  • attending sessions arranged by your training provider
  • attending your progress reviews with your employer

Your training provider will also help you prepare for your end-point assessment with activities including:

  • portfolio development
  • exam preparation and revision
  • test papers 
  • mock observations of practice
  • pretend assessment scenarios

Your employer will ultimately make the decision about when you are ready for your end-point assessment.

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