Incentive payment for hiring a new apprentice - 365 day payment

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The incentive payment for hiring a new apprentice is paid in 2 equal instalments. To be eligible for the second payment, your apprentice must complete 365 days of their apprenticeship.

We complete checks before payments are issued to confirm eligibility, including cross-referencing the PAYE information and learning information submitted by your training provider.  This can take up to 6 weeks. 

Whilst these checks are taking place, the estimated payment date in your view applications page in your account will change.

Please note: If the apprentice has completed all of their learning activity, your view applications page may display 'apprenticeship paused or stopped'.  If the apprentice has completed 365 days their apprenticeship before the status changed this payment will be processed as normal.

If the PAYE or provider information does not show that the apprentice had completed 365 days of their apprenticeship, you are not eligible for payment.  We will contact you to advise you of next steps.

If the application is eligible, we then process the payments in the next payment run.

Payments are made on the 14th working day of the month, it can take up to 3 days for the payments to reach your account.

You can track your payment status on your view applications page.

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