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We have updated the way you sign into the Apprenticeship Service, meaning you now need a GOV.UK One Login to access your Apprenticeship Service account. In the future, you will be able to use your GOV.UK One Login to access all services on GOV.UK.


If you do not already have a GOV.UK One login, you’ll need to create one when you first attempt to log into the Apprenticeship Service.


When you select ‘sign in’ to your Apprenticeship Service account, you will be taken to the GOV.UK One login page where you will be able to create your account or sign in if you have already set this up.


To create a GOV.UK One log in you will need to:  

  • Go to sign into your apprenticeship service account to manage apprenticeships 
  • Select the green ‘Create a GOV.UK One Login’ button 
  • Enter the same email address that you have used in your apprenticeship service account 
  • Check your emails as you will have received a 6-digit security code 
  • Enter the code  
  • Create a password 
  • Choose a method of 2 factor authentication. You need to choose one option to continue using the apprenticeship service account
  • You will receive your second 6-digit security code (code will expire after 15 minutes) 
  • Enter the code 

 You will now have created your GOV.UK One Login, and will be able to sign into your Apprenticeship Service account. You will be taken to the GOV.UK One log in page every time you want to sign in.  


IMPORTANT: If you have not set up a GOV.UK One log in and use your Apprenticeship Service log in details to sign in, you will receive an error message advising there is no account with those details. You will need to create a GOV.UK One log in if you receive this message. Once this has been created, you will be directed to your Apprenticeship Service account

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