Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) changes

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When you add an apprentice after 30 November there will be new and updated RPL questions. These changes will help you calculate RPL price reductions more accurately. 

New and updated RPL questions 

From 30 November 2023, when adding an apprentice to your account you will be asked these RPL questions:  

  • EXISTING QUESTION: Is there any RPL for this apprenticeship? (Yes/No) 

If you answer yes to this existing question, you must answer the following questions: 

  • NEW: Total off-the-job training time for this apprenticeship standard (Enter the total in hours)
  • NEW: Total reduction in off-the-job training time due to RPL (Enter the reduction in hours)
  • NEW: Have you reduced the actual apprenticeship duration due to RPL? (Yes/No) 
  • UPDATED: If yes, how many weeks was the apprenticeship reduced by? (Enter the total in weeks)
  • UPDATED: Total price reduction due to RPL (Enter the price in whole pounds)

 Important: If your apprentice has RPL and these questions are left blank, you will not be able to approve the apprentice record, so funding cannot be allocated.  

You must ensure you have all the information required when adding new apprentices. These details will be visible to the employer when you approve the apprentice record. 

Note: If your apprentice is aged 16 to 18 you do not need to conduct an RPL assessment unless they have previously enrolled on an apprenticeship or have relevant training/work experience. 


Calculating RPL price reductions 

Your RPL price reduction must follow the calculations in the 2023/24 funding rules 

When you add an apprentice, either manually or via file upload, we will review the RPL price reduction you have submitted. If any records have an incorrect price reduction, you will see a notification to check your RPL with advice on the minimum price reduction.  

Important: If your RPL calculation is incorrect, you will be notified to check your RPL calculations to make sure your details align with current funding rules. 

Read our RPL price reduction guidance for instructions on how to calculate your reductions with examples. 


Changes to file upload 

The file upload template will be updated so you can still upload apprentices and cohorts. You can do this by using a file upload spreadsheet or a Learning Management System (LMS). 

All LMS software suppliers have been notified and agreed to make the required system changes in early 2024 

 From 30 November, the existing and new file upload template will both be accepted. If your: 

  • LMS is using the new template (version 7) with the new RPL fields– You can add the details to the new fields and upload your cohort as normal.
  • LMS is using the existing template (version 6) without the new RPL fields – You can still upload your apprentice cohort using your LMS. You will then need to enter the new RPL details for each new apprentice record manually from the 'Approve apprentice details’ page on your provider account. These records can then be submitted for approval. Once your LMS software is updated, you will no longer need to manually update the records.

 If you have any queries, please contact your supplier or read our file upload guidance.  

 Important: If you do not enter the required details, you will not be able to approve the apprentice record, so funding cannot be allocated. 


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