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You need to add all current PAYE schemes to your apprenticeship service account for your organisation or connected organisations that are used to pay your apprentice their wage. We use this information to check that you’ve employed each apprentice you add to your account.

If your organisation or any of its connected organisations use different PAYE schemes, you can either:

  • use one account with all of the PAYE schemes 
  • have a separate account for each PAYE scheme

You cannot add a single PAYE scheme to more than one apprenticeship service account.

If the PAYE scheme that was used to set up your apprenticeship service account is no longer in use or your apprentices are no longer paid through it, you can remove it. Within the PAYE section of your apprenticeship service account, you can:

  • view a list of all the PAYE schemes that have been added to the account to check they are correct
  • use the remove and add option to remove incorrect PAYE schemes and add correct ones

  Please note that if you have more than one PAYE scheme that you make apprenticeship levy declarations for, these can be added to your account in addition to the scheme that the apprentice is paid under. Once you remove a PAYE scheme, any declarations made under that scheme will no longer credit to your apprenticeship service account.

You can add your PAYE schemes to your apprenticeship service account using either your:

  • Government Gateway sign in details
  • accounts office reference number and employer PAYE reference number

Government Gateway details

Your Government Gateway user ID is up to 12 characters long. HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) sent it to you by email when your Government Gateway account was set up. 

If you lose or forget your user ID or password, you can reset them.

Where to find your PAYE and accounts office reference numbers

Your PAYE and accounts office reference numbers can be found on the:

  • letter HMRC sent you when you first registered as an employer
  • front of your payment booklet (or the letter from HMRC that replaced it)

The accounts office reference number is 13 characters. The employer PAYE reference number is 11 characters.



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