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There is a similar article for training providers.

To add apprentices to your organisation’s apprenticeship service account you’ll need:

  • the apprentice’s name, date of birth, unique email address and unique learner number (ULN)
  • the start and end date of the apprenticeship 
  • the total training and assessment cost  
  • your training provider’s UK Provider Reference Number (UKPRN)

If you need to add multiple apprentices you can upload their details together.

Your training provider will also need the apprentice's National Insurance number to include in their submissions to us.

Change details

You can change your apprentices' details in your apprenticeship service account. This includes their name, date of birth and training dates.

Change the status of an apprenticeship

You can pause an apprenticeship if you need to:

  • record a break in learning (that you’ve agreed with the apprentice and their training provider)
  • temporarily freeze payments to a training provider 

You can stop an apprenticeship if you need to:

  • withdraw an apprentice from their apprenticeship
  • change your training provider during the course
  • cancel all future payments

Do not stop a completed apprenticeship. 

The training provider must also record any changes in their Individualised Learner Record (ILR). 

Give your training provider access

Each apprentice needs an approved training provider to deliver their training.

You can give your training provider permission to add apprentices to your organisation and set up payments. You’ll need to approve any information they give to us.

Portable flexi-job apprenticeship pilot

If you're an employer involved in the portable flexi-job apprenticeship pilot, you'll need these additional details when adding an apprentice on a portable flexi-job apprenticeship:

  • planned end date for the current employment
  • agreed training price for the period of employment

You will not need the end date of the apprenticeship or the total training and assessment cost. 


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