Managing cohorts and apprentices

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There is a similar article for training providers.

When you add apprentices to your apprenticeship service account they’ll go into a new or existing cohort. You’ll need to approve this cohort after you’ve checked:

  • it has the correct apprentices
  • the start dates are correct
  • the details are what you agreed with your training provider
  • the training and assessment costs are correct
  • that you can pay the difference from your own budget if it costs more than the funding band maximum

Change your apprentice’s details

You can make changes before the apprenticeship starts or before you approve the cohort with your training provider. After the apprenticeship starts, you can only change the:

  • apprentice’s name and date of birth 
  • training costs in the first month 

If your apprentice wants to change their apprenticeship, you’ll need to stop the current apprenticeship and start a new one. 

Both you and your training provider must approve any changes.


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