Pause or stop an apprenticeship

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You can only pause or stop an apprenticeship if you have one of the following types of permission in the organisation’s apprenticeship account:

  • Add apprentices and view information
  • Accept agreements, view information and manage PAYE schemes, organisations, apprentices and team members

Pausing an apprenticeship

You should pause an apprenticeship when you need to:

  • record a break in learning (including a change in circumstances) 
  • freeze future payments to a training provider for a period of time

If you pause an apprenticeship incorrectly, we will backdate any payments to your training provider. You must cancel the pause and the training provider must submit it in their Individualised Learner Record (ILR).

Stopping an apprenticeship

You should stop an apprenticeship when you need to:

  • change the training provider during the course
  • change the employer during the course
  • cancel the apprenticeship
  • cancel all future payments

You will be asked, when stopping an apprentice record, whether the apprentice has been made redundant.  This data is being collected for internal reporting purposes and will not affect you, your apprentice or your account. 

You must tell your training provider before you make any changes, so they can record them in their ILR.


Do not stop an apprenticeship that's completed.


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