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Apprenticeship service account

All employers need to create an apprenticeship service account to get funding to pay for apprenticeship training and assessment costs. They can either create an account straight away or add their organisation’s details, PAYE scheme and sign the agreement later.

Employers must add a PAYE scheme to:

  • get apprenticeship funding
  • view financial transactions
  • create an apprenticeship vacancy
  • agree a training commitment with a training provider

Employers cannot access these services in their account until they add their PAYE scheme and sign the employer agreement.

Change your organisation’s details

Employers can change their organisation’s name and address in the ‘your organisations and agreements’ section of their apprenticeship service account. 

Before they change their organisation’s details, they must update them with Companies House or the Charity Commission. 

Change your personal details

In the settings section the user can:

  • rename their account
  • change their password and email address
  • change their notification settings
  • add new organisation’s to their account


When a user needs to complete a task in their apprenticeship service account, we’ll send them a notification. They can also choose to get email notifications.

We will notify the user when they need to:

  • approve a cohort
  • sign an agreement
  • declare the levy
  • add apprentices
  • review changes 
  • review connection or transfer requests

Record tasks

We record when users complete a task in the apprenticeship service so that the account owner can keep track of any changes. We record:

  • the task
  • when the task was completed
  • who completed the task



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