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Apprenticeship certificates are used to show that an individual has completed their apprenticeship. 

You can request a certificate once an apprentice has completed their end-point assessment. The apprentice must give you permission to apply for a certificate on their behalf. 

You can only request one certificate for each apprenticeship, but can get a replacement apprenticeship certificate if it’s incorrect, damaged or lost during the delivery.


 Apprenticeship certificates can now be to be sent to the: 

  • employer
  • apprentice 
  • or the apprentice’s training provider

 When we receive your request for a certificate we will review it and post the certificate  by recorded delivery. You can check whether you’ve requested a certificate in your apprenticeship service account.

If the certificate has not been received after 15 working days, contact us. You cannot track the delivery.

 Cannot find an apprentice

We check the apprentice’s details you enter to request the certificate against the information on the training provider’s individualised learner record (ILR). If you cannot find an apprentice on the portal, check that their details are correct with the training provider.

You need to check the apprentice’s:

  • name
  • unique learner number (ULN)
  • completion status (all apprentices must have ‘completed’ their apprenticeship)

If the details are incorrect, the training provider will need to update the ILR before you can request their certificate. 



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