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Expired funds

Levy-paying employers can access apprenticeship funds within their apprenticeship service account. These funds show in employer accounts on the 23rd of every month. 

How we work out your levy funds

After your first levy declaration, we work out your apprenticeship funds using the levy you declare to HMRC each month through the PAYE process (multiplied by your English percentage). We then add a 10% government top-up. 

What are 'expiring funds' 

Any payments from your apprenticeship service account to a training provider use the oldest levy funds first. 

If you do not use your levy funds within 24 months of them entering your account, they’ll expire. We call these funds ‘expiring funds’.


  1. Apprenticeship funds enter your account in May 2018.
  2. Funds will begin to expire in May 2020 on a ‘first-in/first-out’ basis.
  3. If you have not used your apprenticeship funds, the funds that entered your account in May 2018 will expire by May 2020.

View your expiring funds

You can view your levy funds in the ‘finance’ section of your apprenticeship service account. If you spend all of your available funding, no funds will expire.

The Funding Projection Tool gives you an estimate of how much funding you’ll have available to spend on apprenticeships. It also shows what funds will expire each month, based on your current and planned activity.

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