Take time off sick because of coronavirus (COVID-19)

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An apprenticeship is a job that combines practical training with study, so you’re still employed even when you’re sick.

You can get £96.35 per week Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) if you’re too ill to work. It’s paid by your employer for up to 28 weeks. You cannot get less than the statutory amount. You can get more if your company has a sick pay scheme (or ‘occupational scheme’) - check your employment contract or speak to your employer.

Your apprenticeship employment contract will have more information about the pay you should get when you’re off sick.


If you cannot work while you are self-isolating because of coronavirus (COVID-19), you could get SSP for every day you’re in self-isolation. To be eligible for SSP, you must self isolate for at least 4 days.

Other illness

If your illness is not related to coronavirus (COVID-19), you must be eligible for SSP and have been off work sick for 4 or more days in a row (including non-working days) to get SSP.

What to do if you’re sick

Speak to your employer about sick pay if you’re not working because you have coronavirus. If you’re self-isolating for more than 7 days and cannot work because of coronavirus, you can get an ‘isolation note’ online from NHS 111.

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