Incentive payment for hiring a new apprentice - Add your organisation’s bank account details

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We need your organisation and finance details so that we can make the incentive payment for hiring a new apprentice.

You can only add one bank account for your organisation. We’ll use this account to make all of their payments.

What you’ll need

We cannot make any payments until we’ve received and verified the organisation and finance details. This could take up to 3 months and we may contact someone from your organisation.

This includes your organisation’s:

  • legal name, registered address and contact details
  • Companies House number (if your organisation has one)
  • VAT number (if your organisation has one)
  • remittance email address
  • finance director or finance lead’s contact details
  • bank account details

If you do not provide the right information when you add the details, it might take longer to make your payment.


Key information 

Organisation name:  It is important that the name of the organisation is entered fully and correctly.  Failure to do so will result in a delay in verifying these details. 

Bank details:  You need to get the bank account name correct, as shown on your bank statement.  Failure to do so can mean we are unable to validate these details and payment will not be made. 


When to add your organisation and finance details

You can add the details when you apply for the payment or after you finish your application. If you do not have the details we need, you can save your application and someone else can add them later.

You will receive an email from with the
subject “Your organisation's bank details" or ''We still need your organisation's bank details".
The email includes a link to add your organisation's bank details. We cannot resend this email.

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