Overlapping training dates

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An overlapping training date error occurs when an apprentice’s previous course record is still live on the system and you are unable to add the new record.  

Training providers can now request that the previous employer stops the record through their apprenticeship service account.  This will send a notification to the previous employer asking them to add the stop date to the previous record.

We allow 4-weeks for the previous employer to respond to this request and apply the stop date.  You will be notified once this stop date has been added.

If we do not receive a response from the previous employer after the 4-week period has lapsed, or if the apprentice’s previous employer cannot be contacted e.g. the company has gone into liquidation, we will apply the stop date on their behalf. 

Important: If a stop date is already present on the record, you must contact the previous employer to amend this.  We are not able to change this.



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