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Apprentice Feedback allows apprentices to use their My Apprenticeship account to provide feedback on their training provider.  This feedback will be published on Find Apprenticeship Training once 10 individuals have submitted feedback.  This will expire after 12 months.

How it works

Apprentices will be able to provide feedback when they are 3 months after their start date and no more than 3 months after they complete their apprenticeship. 

This feedback is centred around 2 elements

  • 12 statements that apprentices can agree/disagree with
  • Rating

What apprentices are asked

The apprentice is asked whether they agree or disagree with the following:

Do you think [training provider] is providing the following aspects of your apprenticeship training to a reasonable standard?

  • Organising well-structured training
  • Communicating clearly with you
  • Providing accessible training resources
  • Balancing online learning with classroom-based training to suit your apprenticeship
  • Taking into account previous learning
  • Helping you learn new skills and develop existing ones
  • Giving you relevant training that helps you perform your job better
  • Training that takes up at least 20% of your total apprenticeship time
  • Supporting you and your apprenticeship
  • Responding to your needs
  • Ensuring you understand the requirements of your end-point assessment
  • Preparing you for success in your future career

How would you rate [training provider]’s training?

  • Excellent
  • Good
  • Poor
  • Very poor

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