Confirm my apprenticeship details - re-send invitation email

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It is now possible for employers and training providers to resend the invitation email to their apprentices to confirm their apprenticeship details.

In the ‘manage your apprentices’ section of your account, you can select the apprentice to view their details.

If the apprentice has not received the invitation email or has taken no action to complete this process, you will be able to resend the invitation email to them.

If an apprentice receiving this email has previously started the process of confirming their apprenticeship details the ‘resend invitation email’ link will not appear.

To complete the confirmation process, the apprentice will need to log in to their apprenticeship service account and complete the registration. If they do not remember their password, they can select ‘reset password’.  This will allow them to reset their password, log in and complete the confirmation of their apprenticeship.

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