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We’ve improved the ‘find apprenticeship training’ service for employers who want to take on apprentices. There are 2 steps employers need to complete to choose the right apprenticeship training for their organisation.

  1. Choose an apprenticeship training course
  2. Find a training provider

Training provider search results and ordering

After an employer chooses the right course, they need to find a training provider who can offer the training for their apprenticeship location. Employers can search using their town, city or postcode.

Each training provider is given a quality points score, which we work out using their:

  • employer reviews - taken from reviews within our provider feedback survey
  • apprentice reviews- taken from reviews within our apprentice feedback survey
  • pass rate - the training provider’s existing apprentice pass rate
  • distance from the employer’s location

We then order providers by their quality points score and give employers the option to apply filters to the search results.

Select a training provider

As employers view different training providers and explore their available options, they can add them to a shortlist. This allows employers to compare providers and make a decision about who is right for them.

When they are ready to make a decision, employers can contact the provider about the apprenticeship training course using the details we provide in the service.

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