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We’ve improved the ‘Find Apprenticeship Training’ service for employers who want to take on apprentices.

After an employer chooses the right course, they need to find a training provider who can offer the training for their apprenticeship location. Employers can search using their town, city or postcode.

Each training provider is given a quality points score, which we work out using their:

  • employer reviews - taken from reviews within our provider feedback survey
  • apprentice reviews- taken from reviews within our apprentice feedback survey
  • pass rate - the training provider’s existing apprentice pass rate
  • distance from the employer’s location

How we calculate the quality score

A point-system is used to calculate a training providers average employer and apprentice ratings.  Each rating an employer or apprentice provides is averaged to give the final rating score.

There are 4 different employer rating scores; very poor (1 point), poor (2 points), good (3 points) and excellent (4 points).

Provider information in Find Apprenticeship Training

To improve our service, we’ve moved where Providers manage their information about the apprenticeships that they deliver, so everything is in one place. 

Providers can no longer update their apprenticeship information on Publish to the Course Directory.

Providers will need to use the Apprenticeship Service training provider account:

  • To manage standards and training venues.
  • To add a standard that is regulated a provider will need to confirm if they are regulated to deliver the standard. (They will not be able to add a regulated standard if they aren’t regulated to deliver it).
  • To ad and amend contact details, including websites for standards.  These can be updated by selecting 'your standards and training venues', selecting 'the standards you deliver' and then selecting the appropriate standard.  Once within this standard you can update the contact details.  This information will be displayed in Find Apprenticeship Training

To update or change their provider description they need to send a draft to




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