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If you require access to an existing account that holds multiple organisations, we will not be able to grant access to the account and you will need to speak to the account owners to approve this and send you an invite.

If there has been a change to your organisation, for example you have merged with another organisation and you wish to join the account, this will need to be approved by the existing account owners.

If you are part of an existing account and your organisation is no longer connected, you will need to contact the existing account owners to request they remove your PAYE scheme and add a stop date to your apprentices. You will then be able to set up your own account and your training provider will be able to move the apprentices to your account using the change of employer function. 


Access to employer account

If you need to be granted access to your employer account:

  • Check if there is an existing account owner.
  • If yes, ask the account owner to send you an invite granting you access to the account.

It is important that the existing account owner manages the team members who have access to the account.

If the account owner no longer works in your organisation

We can invite a new team member or change the status of an existing team member to ‘account owner’. ​

You do not need a user account to have an invite sent to you.​

You need to:

  • Contact us, if you cannot find any account owners and we can check the apprenticeship service for account owners.
  • Confirm the name of the previous account owner who has now left your organisation.

If account owners are still live on the apprenticeship service, we can send them an email requesting that they invite you to access the account.


When confirmed there are no account members with access

We can issue you with an invitation to access the account.

Please contact us with the information below so that we can send this invitation:

  • Your full name:
  • Your email address:
  • Your organisations name:
  • Your role within the organisation:
  • Account ID (if known):
  • Your organisations PAYE Scheme- The PAYE Scheme is presented in the following format 123ABC456 and includes a '/' symbol:
  • Your Account Office Reference Number (AORN) if known:
  • The name of the account owner(s) currently on the account:
  • Why can they not grant you access to the account?

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