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All employers accessing apprenticeship funds through the apprenticeship service must accept an Employer Agreement with the Department for Education (DfE).  You should review and accept updates to the employer agreement to ensure that you continue to access funding for your apprenticeships under the latest terms and conditions.

A variation to the current Employer Agreement (26th October 2022) has been produced

If you are on an older, pre-January 2020 agreement you will be unable to access certain functionality until you accept the latest agreement.

You can check when you accepted the agreement by taking the following steps on the apprenticeship service:

  1. Go to the ‘Your organisations and agreements’ section of your apprenticeship service account.
  2. Find the table at the bottom of the page, with the list of agreements your organisation has accepted.
  3. Click ‘View’ next to the relevant agreement.
  4. Check the date next to ‘Accepted on’.



Agreement 1 - Version 1

1st May 2017

Agreement 1 - Version 2

1st Apr 2018

Agreement 2 – Version 1

9th Jan 2020

Agreement 2 – Version 2

20th Aug 2020

Agreement 2 - Version 3

20th Jan 2021

Agreement 2 – Version 4

19th May 2021

Agreement 2 – Version 5

11th January 2022

Agreement 2 – Version 6

26th October 2022


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