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For all Apprenticeships, including privately funded, an ILR needs to be submitted by the training provider for the apprentice to receive their apprenticeship certificate.

The ILR for privately funded apprenticeships must follow the same rules as publicly funded apprenticeships, and must:

  • record privately funded apprenticeships using Funding Model 99 before a certificate is requested by the EPAO.
  • record an aim that describes the overall apprenticeship programme. This aim is known as the ‘programme aim’ and is recorded using the Learning aim reference ‘ZPROG001’.
  • record all learning undertaken as part of the apprenticeship programme, including regulated qualifications and non-regulated learning activity; this learning is recorded as ‘component aims’ using the appropriate Learning aim references from the LARS database.
  • The ILR record must be recorded with Outcome 1, Completion Status 2 and a Learn Actual End Date. There is no requirement to record the Achievement Date in the ILR for a privately funded certificate.

Please note: All apprenticeship programmes must be recorded with one programme aim and at least one component learning aim.

If you do not follow the guide above, the apprentice information will not pull through to the apprenticeship service, and the EPAO will not be able to find the learner to issue them with an apprenticeship certificate. 

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