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We’ve made improvements to the way you record a change of employer in your apprenticeship service account.  If an apprentice continues their apprenticeship training with a new employer their details will carry over to the new employer’s account (including their personal details and the apprenticeship framework or standard they are on). 

Please note: It is important that you check that the apprentices’ details are correct before this action is taken.  The apprentice details cannot be changed once the change of employer function has been used. 

Before recording a change of employer:

  • contact the previous employer and ask them to stop their record
  • agree the new training dates and cost with the new employer
  • ask the new employer to give you ‘provider permissions’ to allow you to move the apprentice to their apprenticeship service account.

Changing the employer

You can now change the employer by selecting the apprentice in the ‘manage your apprentices’ section of your account. You can change the records of apprentices that have either a ‘Live’ or ‘Stopped’ status.

To start the process:

  • go to the listed employer name and select ‘Change’ 
  • select the new employer 
  • add their new training start date, end date and new agreed price 

Once you have created a ‘change of employer’ request, the new employer needs to approve it. They can access this in the ‘ready to review’ section within ‘your cohort requests’.

Employers that do not pay the apprenticeship levy, will not need to reserve funding when they approve a training providers request to ‘move’ an apprentice.

If the training dates overlap

If the new start date overlaps with the existing training from the previous employer, you can now send a stop request directly from your account to the previous employer, this applies to live and stopped records.

We will notify the previous employer to complete the overlapping training dates process giving them 2 weeks to action the request.

You no longer need to contact our support team to complete this process.

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