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You can invite team members to access your organisation's apprenticeship service account.

There are 3 different levels of access you can give your team members after they set up their own account. They can either:

  • viewer - view information but not make any changes
  • transaction - add apprentices and view information
  • owner - have full access to your account

You should give at least one other team member full access. This means that if the account owner is on holiday or leaves the organisation, someone else can accept an agreement or make changes.

You can change or remove access levels after you invite team members.

Someone with full access has left the organisation

If someone else in your organisation has full access to the account, they can:

  • invite new team members
  • change the access levels of existing team members

Contact us if nobody in your organisation has full access to the account.

Give your training provider permission 

You can give your training provider permission to do tasks on your behalf. You’ll need to approve any information they give to us.


Only users with the 'viewer' and 'transactor' role will receive notification emails when tasks need completing in the account.

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