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Apprenticeship record status and completion payment month

You can view the details and status of your apprentices in the ‘Manage your apprentices’ section of your apprenticeship service account. 

Each apprentice record will have one of the following statuses:

  • 'waiting to start' - apprentices who are waiting to start their apprenticeship training
  • 'live' - apprentices who are currently undertaking their apprenticeship
  • 'paused' - the employer has applied a pause to an apprentice record
  • 'stopped' - the employer has applied a stop to an apprentice record
  • 'completed' - the training provider has returned the Individualised Learner Record as completed confirming the apprentice has finished their apprenticeship training and assessment

Do not stop an apprenticeship that's completed.

Completion payment month

The completion payment month is now displayed on the record and indicates when the 20% completion payment has been processed. 

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