An EPAO is unable to request an apprenticeship certificate

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Requests for an apprenticeship certificate must be made by the EPAO.  If you are an EPAO and cannot submit a request for an apprenticeship certificate, this may be because

  • changes have been made in the ILR that have not pulled through to the system correctly
  • the apprentice is privately funded, and the training provider has not submitted an ILR containing the learners details.

Check with the training provider to confirm that they have submitted an ILR for the learner and, if they are privately funded, have followed the training provider actions.

If they have submitted an ILR but made any changes since the last return, please wait until the next ILR return has been made and try again.

If this does not resolve the issue, contact us with the UKPRN and name of the training provider and if there has been any change in circumstances or recent changes to the ILR.  


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