Incorrect data mismatch notifications for training providers

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We are aware of an issue within the apprenticeship service where the training provider gets a data mismatch notification in their apprenticeship service account, but has not changed any information in the individualised learner record (ILR).

Whilst we fix this, please see the following example and workaround.


The training provider gets a notification that the standard or framework changed from level 2 hairdressing to level 3 engineering.


If you get this notification and have not changed information in your ILR, check that you are still receiving payments for this apprentice in your ‘Apps Monthly Payment Report’.

If you are receiving payments, then ignore the notification. It is incorrect and we’re working to fix it.

If you are not receiving payments, contact us. We’ll ask you for the:

  • training provider’s details

  • employer’s details

  • unique learner numbers (ULN) for all the apprentices this affects

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