Stop dates to use following a change of employer where the gap in employment is 30 days or less

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Where there is a change of employer and the gap between employers is 30 days or less, the change in circumstance can be recorded by the training provider as a continuation in the original learning aim.

The original employer must stop payments through their apprenticeship service account, using a stop date that corresponds with the date the apprentice changed employer.

For example, an apprentice leaves their employer on 13th April and starts with their new employer on 5th May:

  • The original employer should add the stop date for May in their apprenticeship service account.
  • The new employer will record the start date as May in their apprenticeship service account.

The apprenticeship service defaults to the first day of the month and so if the original employer adds an April stop date (when the employee left their employment) and the new employer adds a May start date, when the ILR is submitted, the data matching process will read the stop date against the original employer and cause a DLOCK_10 error.

To resolve the DLOCK_10 error: 

  • The original employer should move the stop date to match the start date with the new employer (in this case May).
  • If the original employer does not want to move the stop date, the training provider will need to record the change of employer as a withdrawal from the date they left the original employer (in this case April) and then a restart with the new employer (in this case May).

Please note that if the apprentice leaves the original employer on the last calendar day of the month, the stop date must be added for the next month. The original employer is responsible for the training for the full month and any co-investment due.

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