Record coronavirus (COVID-19) related breaks in learning in the ILR

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We’ll continue to pay training providers retrospectively for any training they deliver. Training providers should continue to submit their monthly ILR submission and keep normal records in case of audit checks.

Employers must not stop the apprenticeship, because they will not be able to start it again in the apprenticeship service.



When to record a break in learning

If you need to pause an apprenticeship for more than 4 weeks because of coronavirus, you must record a break in learning. This could be because:

  • you cannot deliver apprenticeship training 
  • an apprentice cannot attend work or training

Follow this guidance to make sure that we pay you the right amount for the apprenticeship training that you deliver.

Breaks in learning during March

If you delivered training in March to an apprentice that had to take a break in learning part way through the month because of coronavirus, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the employer does not pause or stop the apprenticeship in March. 
  2. Record the apprentice in the March ILR as ‘on programme’.
  3. Submit your training evidence as normal.
  4. Add a break in learning in the ILR for April.
  5. Change the completion status to ‘6’ (so that the apprentice is only temporarily withdrawn from learning).

If you get paid for training in March that you could not deliver, you should deliver it later on during the apprenticeship (before the planned end date). The total agreed cost of the apprenticeship should not change. 

If the apprentice does not continue with their apprenticeship, we may take back the funding for any training that you did not deliver. 

Breaks in learning from April

If you need to record a break in learning that starts on or after 1 April 2020, then follow these steps:

  1. Ask the employer to pause the apprenticeship in their apprenticeship service account. They must not stop the apprenticeship, because they will not be able to start it again in the apprenticeship service.
  2. Record the break in learning in the ILR for the date when the break started.
  3. When the apprentice starts their apprenticeship again, enter a new apprenticeship planned end-date to match the break in learning. For example, if the break in learning lasts 12 weeks you should move the planned end-date back 12 weeks. 
  4. When the break in learning ends, record the apprentice as ‘on programme’ on the date that training continues.

We do not pay training providers for apprentices during a break in learning.

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