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Apprenticeships will be more important than ever in helping businesses to recruit the right people and develop the skills they need to recover and grow – both now and in the long-term. Due to the economic impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak the government has introduced incentive payments for hiring a new apprentice to help organisations offer new apprenticeships.

For employers to receive their payment, you must do the following :

  • Make sure the employer has an apprenticeship service account and (if appropriate) have reserved the funding for their apprentice
  • Confirm that the apprentice has started their apprenticeship. This is done by submitting your ILR at the next and all subsequent Return periods. This must be coded as Apprenticeship Contact Type (ACT)1.  If the ILR is not coded correctly, the information will not pull through to the apprenticeship service. 
  • Ensure you have the correct National Insurance Number for each apprentice in your ILR submission
  • Submit your ILR data on time each month
  • Ensure the data in the ILR matches that in the apprenticeship service
  • Resolve any Data Locks on your account. You should work with the employer to resolve these to ensure payment is made

We will direct the employer to contact you if the payment has not been made to them because you have not carried out the steps above

Please be advised that the information that is displayed in the ‘view your application’ section of the employers' account is updated on the 8th working day of the month.  If you have completed one of the actions above after that date, it will not show on or system until the following month. If you are contacted by the employer during that time please direct them to this article which tells them this.





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