Understanding a progress review

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During your apprenticeship you will have regular progress reviews. A progress review is a meeting with your employer and training provider that will happen once usually every 12 weeks.

Preparing for your progress review

Before your review, you should:

  • record your progress since your last review so you can get the best out of it
  • take time to prepare for your review
  • think about targets you’d like to set for yourself during your progress review

You will be given a progress review form to complete before your review. Your form will help you to reflect on:

  • what you’ve learnt 
  • your off-the-job training
  • your progress in the workplace
  • any areas for further development

Your employer will also fill out their sections of the progress review form before the meeting. This will look at the same reflections as you, as well as updates about your: 

  • training in the workplace
  • off-the-job training- this will be at least 20% of your normal working hours spent learning new skills, knowledge and behaviours for your apprenticeship

How to approach your progress review

You should use your progress review to:

  • highlight any progress you’ve made
  • highlight any achievements
  • discuss any issues, concerns or support needed

Each progress review is a chance to revisit the targets you had set in your previous review. You can use these targets to monitor your progress and identify areas for improvement and support.

Completing your progress review form before each review will help you reflect on the progress you’ve made.

After your progress review

You should have clear actions to take away to complete before the next review. These may be:

  • work-based, like a target set by the employer
  • training-based, like attending revision sessions 

The targets and actions you’re given should focus on:

  • who will help you achieve them
  • why they will help you
  • when they need to be achieved by

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